NTI: Glenville

Glenville was identified as a catalyst for neighborhood reinvestment. Its proximity to University Circle - and its rich assets such as Rockefeller Park and the historic Cleveland Cultural Gardens, the Wade Park Historic District, newly renovated houses along Heritage Lane, the recently completed Fisher House, and the proximity to Lake Erie and the Lakefront Nature Preserve - provides a strong foundation on which to build.

East 105th Street is a critical transit corridor serving residents with convenient transportation to jobs and amenities located in University Circle or single-transfer access to Downtown via the Health line. The corner of East 105th and Ashbury will become a transit hub that will open the neighborhood to the rest of the city.


  • Famicos Rehab of vacant properties – 11 long-vacant homes will be given new life
  • Orlean infill homes – 26 new homes will be constructed on vacant lots throughout the neighborhood
  • Senior Home Repair Program – Seniors enrolled in the Homestead program have access to $17,000 in home repairs
  • Down-payment assistance – $20,000 assistance is available to individuals looking to purchase a house in the neighborhood

Mixed Use

  • Glenville Circle North – 63 residential apartments with 13,000 sq.ft. of commercial space

Entrepreneurship and Workforce Development

  • GlenVillage - Retail incubator

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