Water Conservation Campaign

Mayor Frank G. Jackson and the City of Cleveland welcomed the return of marine life artist and conservationist Wyland at the Wyland Foundation’s Annual  National Water Conservation campaign kick-off event at the Davis Aerospace and Maritime School. 

Wyland, who is best known for his 30,000-square-foot marine life mural on the Cleveland Public Power building on Interstate 90, celebrated the national water conservation effort with an eco-fair, a guest lecture and an inspirational day of mural painting with local students. The announcement also included plans to refresh the city’s iconic “whale wall” mural.

The Wyland Foundation’s National Water Conservation campaign is one of the nation’s largest community-based initiatives to promote the health of waterways. The nonprofit national water campaign encourages residents to make conservation commitments throughout the month of April at www.mywaterpledge.com.

William C. Rieter