Department of Public Safety

Operation We Are CLE

The Cleveland Division of Police - in partnership with county, state and federal law enforcement - announced June 13 some of the successes of Operation We Are CLE. The collaborative effort is a hyper-focused approach to fight crime, take violent criminals off the streets and make Cleveland neighborhoods safer. Since the implementation of Operation We Are CLE, targeted areas have seen reduction in violent crimes, including homicides.

“I want to express to the community at large that if we just rely on law enforcement to solve the problems we have around crime, particularly violent crimes, that we would not be successful. This has to be an entire community effort,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Everything from the business community to the religious community to education to all the aspects to all the pillars of our society to ensure that we do put those who need to be in jail in jail, that we do arrest those that need to be arrested but also deal with those underlying causes as to why people engage in criminal activity."

About The Department of Public Safety

The Cleveland Department of Public Safety strives to meet its objectives by providing efficient and effective service, establishing public trust through the development of strong partnerships within the community, and by focusing on public safety and improving the quality of life in Cleveland neighborhoods.

In addition to Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), the Department includes Animal Control Services; Corrections; the Offices of Professional Standards (OPS), Emergency Management (OEM), and Information Technology specific to Public Safety (OIT); Grant Management; the Medical Unit and Civilian Police Review Board; and additional Public Safety Administration functions to support the Department. The Public Safety Administration oversees all activities of the Department, develops policies and plans, coordinates personnel administration, assures fiscal responsibility, and acts as a liaison between the various divisions of Public Safety and City Council.

Police Seek Public Feedback on Proposed Bias-Free Policing Policies

The Consent Decree requires a bias-free policing policy that incorporates previous recommendations developed by the Commission, and clear guidance to officers that biased policing, including detaining a motorist or pedestrian based solely on racial stereotypes, is prohibited. Feedback from the community is now being sought. -More

Cleveland Neighborhood Crime Statistics

This link gives community members access to neighborhood crime data from the Cleveland Police Record Management System database, in near-real time. Users can make informed decisions to help improve the safety of their families, friends, property and community. There is no charge for this service.

The Cleveland Division of Police strives to empower those who live and work in the community by putting crime data in the hands of those who care about it most- the public.

See GIS Crime Map Data