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Prevailing Wage Compliance

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The Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity oversees contract compliance for the following prevailing wage laws:

    Jobsite Posters     
    City Contractors     

City of Cleveland Federally Funded Construction Projects

The Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity also oversees contracts funded with federal funds governed by the Davis-Bacon Act with the same type of submittals and expectations as the State’s requirements as listed in the previous section. Related publications appear below.

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Item Name

LR01.DG Davis-Bacon Labor Standards – A Contractors Guide to Prevailing Wage Requirements for Federally-Assisted Construction Projects (2012)
WD-10 (Electronic Form) Report of Construction Contractor's Wage Rates
WH-347 Payroll Submission Form: for contractors to submit certified weekly payrolls for contracts subject to the Davis-Bacon and related Acts
SF-308 Request for Wage Determination and Response to Request
ETA-671 Program Registration and Apprentice Agreement OATELS
SF-1444 Request for Authorization for Additional Classification and Rate
WH-248 Statement of Fringe Benefits Compliance
SF-1413 Statement and Acknowledgement Clauses in Contract
FHWA-1391 Annual EEO Report (for Airport Projects)

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Office of Equal Opportunity
Melissa K. Burrows
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Mission Statement


To advance equal economic benefit for all Clevelanders by ensuring compliance with contractor goals and requirements, by providing development and support activity for target groups, and by overall advocacy, with a commitment to excellent public service.

- Mayor's Office of Equal Opportunity