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Storefront Renovation Program (SRP)

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Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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The Storefront Renovation Program assists targeted neighborhood retail districts in becoming attractive, economically viable, and diverse places to shop. The program helps fund the rehabilitation/renovation of (primarily) traditional storefront building exteriors including:

  • Bringing them into Building Code compliance
  • Correction of maintenance items and code violations
  • Renovation of architectural/historic details
  • Site improvements
  • Design and installation of new signage

The Storefront Program offers financial incentives (rebate or loan) combined with free City design assistance to applicants considering an exterior rehabilitation of a commercial structure.  To better meet these objectives, the City partners with neighborhood Community Development Corporations.

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Rebate Program Information

 Storefront Rebate Projects must contribute to the commercial vitality of the City’s neighborhood commercial districts.  This means that project eligibility is limited to specific building types.  Additionally, the Storefront Program is not a citywide program and rebate incentives are limited to targeted areas.  The program is not a maintenance-only program and requires building rehabilitation to be comprehensive in scope and create a visual impact on the main street facade.

If the project is located in a retail Target Area, then the applicant is eligible to receive a rebate of 40% of the eligible project cost not to exceed a maximum rebate of $25,000.  The Rebate Program requires the applicant to pay for all construction costs in full within a one-year contract timeframe before receiving a rebate.

Loan Program Information

Storefront Loan Projects are limited to specific building types that will contribute to the commercial vitality of the City’s neighborhood commercial districts.  Through the Storefront Loan Program, low-interest loans are available in either the Target Area or the larger CDC neighborhood service areas.  Unlike the Storefront Rebate Program, once the most visible main elevations of the building are addressed, the rear, hidden side elevations, flat roofs, and foundations can be included in a Storefront Program Loan.  The loan incentive may be used in combination with the program’s rebate incentive.  All loan requests are reviewed and approved by Dollar Bank, the Storefront Program’s participating lender.
The current rates for the Storefront Loan Program are:

  • For loans up to $50,000, a 4.00% fixed-rate for a 10-year repayment/15-year amortization
  • For loans between $50,000 and $100,000, a 4.25% fixed-rate with a 10-year repayment/15-year amortization

Note: At the end of 10 years, the outstanding balance will be rolled into a new loan and interest rate. 

Department of Community Development
Daryl P. Rush Esq., Director
601 Lakeside Ave. Room 320
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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Mission Statement


We are committed to improving the quality of life in the City of Cleveland by strengthening our neighborhoods through successful housing rehabilitation efforts, commercial rehabilitation efforts, new housing construction, homeownership, and community focused human services.

– Community Development