Chief of Staff

Ken Silliman is a Northeast Ohio native who has practiced law in and remains a bar association member in upstate New York, New Hanover County, North Carolina, and the City of Cleveland.

Apart from daily Chief of Staff administrative duties, Ken also manages specific projects on behalf of Mayor Jackson. These projects have included:

  1. Assisting Mayor Jackson to honor campaign commitments to reinstate five year capital improvement programming and leverage streetscape projects to enhance neighborhood commercial areas;
  2. Working with Chief of Public Affairs Natoya Walker Minor and Cuyahoga County officials on comprehensive homelessness, workforce and community re-entry initiatives, including:
    • Seven Housing First locations which as of 2014 had built or rehabilitated over 500 apartments for people with histories of long-term homelessness and disabilities.
    • A $2.6 million project to buy and renovate a former motel (which had housed the Stage 2 strip club) and convert it to transitional housing for the homeless which relieved overcrowding in other shelters by adding 76 rooms, 160 beds, and a job training program
  3. Developing a four-year $31 million funding plan within the City of Cleveland’s capital improvement program for a regional 800 Megahertz radio communications system; and
  4. Providing staff support to Mayor Jackson’s $6.5 million renovation of the historic League Park ball diamond for community recreation uses.